2018 Wordcamp MSP

Wordcamp MSP 2018 was a blast! The conference was run very well, with great speakers, food and swag (sponsors). 👍

Theme of the day.

Scratch your own itch.

– Joe Casabona, Wordcamp MSP 2018

The undercurrent that I picked up on for this conference was “scratch your own itch”. Follow your interests in web design, make things you want, love what you do/make.

Some highlights from the talks I saw.

Building Better Themes – Josh Leuze
Take-aways: Leave debug mode on. (Helps weed out bad plugins.) Put more things in plugins than themes. Good points/reminders.

Simple Strategies for “Business-Proofing” your Family – Sherry Walling
The 3rd time I’ve seen Dr. Walling talk. Always refreshing and thoughtful ideas & strategies about work/life balance.

What I’ve Learned from asking, “How did you build that?” – Joe Casabona
On being genuine/genuinely interested in other people’s work and personally motivated to learn/seek answers.

Back to the Future – Thomas McMahon
More good reminders on doing the small things right / not chasing the new shiny.

Having My Website Hacked Was the Best Thing That Could Have Happened to Me – Laura Byrne-Cristiano
Refreshing to hear about a niche business/site that took off, and how the owner dealt with some of those challenges. (Not a tech talk.)