Hi! I’m Bjorn Hagstrom, website designer & developer living in Marine on St Croix, Minnesota and serving the greater Twin Cities area.

Skills & Services I provide:

  • HTML & CSS. For websites & apps, and email.
  • WordPress website development. I ❤️ WordPress.
  • Website design. Let’s start from scratch.

Who I do work for:

  • Designers. I can help you turn your ideas into digital things.
  • Agencies. Hand over those PSDs & Sketch files. 😉
  • App and back-end developers. I “get” the front-end.
  • Local small businesses & non-profits. I’ll work for cheap if I feel I’m a good fit for your project.*
    *Projects I’m a total sucker for: Marine on St Croix & Stillwater area businesses. Outdoorsy stuff, Ultimate Frisbee, nordic skiing, or running-related design work. Helping local artisans.