Team work (and Git is less hard!)

I’ve worked on my own (and from my house) for the majority of my career now, and have found that I can generally be productive and successful doing so. But every so often (maybe after a couple months (years?), I get the itch to be on a team. Teams are great for a bunch of […]

Buh bye, MediaTemple 👋

A decade or so ago, I realized the importance of having a good host for the WordPress websites I build. So I moved off of the cheapo/basic hosting I’d been using and shelled-out* for a MediaTemple Grid. (*Looking back, this is pretty funny, ’cause this meant going from maybe $10/mo to $20/mo… These days $20/mo […]

2018 Wordcamp MSP

Wordcamp MSP 2018 was a blast! The conference was run very well, with great speakers, food and swag (sponsors). 👍 Theme of the day. Scratch your own itch. – Joe Casabona, Wordcamp MSP 2018 The undercurrent that I picked up on for this conference was “scratch your own itch”. Follow your interests in web design, […]

I led a workshop at the 2018 Brainier E3 Learning Conference showing corporate managers how to use the “Custom HTML Pages” feature in the Brainier LMS*. I quickly covered the basics of HTML and CSS, and then went into some examples of how they could create some common layouts using the basic structural tools I […]

Some of the tools I use.

I love to geek-out reading about what some of the other professionals in my industry use to get their work done. Whether it’s a tip on a helpful app, or just a link to a really cool backpack 🤤, that kind of insight gives me some sense of connection to the people/lives behind the work. In […]

Git is hard.

As a solo dev I use Git very narrowly. (So I can work on a local codebase and push up changes to a production site when ready/approved.) My understanding of the tool is pretty limited, but I don’t typically have any trouble in that most-basic workflow. But if/when something goes wrong in Git, I’m completely […]

Hudson Area Public Library

We (me plus Christiansen Creative) launched the Hudson Area Public Library’s new website a few weeks back. Tricia at Christiansen Creative did a great job working with the library staff to identify the pain-points on their current site and add some additional goals for the new site. The new design is fun & bold, and […]

New website!

Hey, I made this thing! The new site was well past-due, and I’m glad to finally have it up. Look for updates to the theme & work section in the coming weeks. What’s with the “orbs”? For the design, I was playing with simple shapes that I could make into basic “w” and “m” shapes… […]