Buh bye, MediaTemple 👋

A decade or so ago, I realized the importance of having a good host for the WordPress websites I build. So I moved off of the cheapo/basic hosting I’d been using and shelled-out* for a MediaTemple Grid.

(*Looking back, this is pretty funny, ’cause this meant going from maybe $10/mo to $20/mo… These days $20/mo isn’t unheard of for good website hosting, but at the time – and at that point in my career – it seemed like a major investment. 😆)

Over the last few years though, more and more WordPress-specific hosts have come out, and many “standard” hosts have evolved to better serve WordPress sites (with features like built-in caching, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, automated migration tools, etc.), while MediaTemple seemed to be happy trucking along with the same services.

Last month I moved my last web property off of MediaTemple, and am now either on SiteGround (for cheap/shared hosting) or WPEngine (for client/production sites).