Going Live Steps

Request/test access to domains/DNS


  • Existing site, if access
  • Current version of dev site
  • Add existing site/checkpoint to internet archive

Test Forms

  • Make sure form emails exist
  • set up FROM address
  • if spam, get SMTP settings

Test Search

Test taxonomy/date/author default archives

Lighthouse / check scores

Set up redirects

Allow robots, if disabled during dev


  • Prelaunch
    • Lower TTL on existing A Record(s)
    • Add domain to host
  • At Launch
    • Update site address in WP
    • Update DNS
      • A vs CNAME
    • Activate domain, make primary
    • Add SSL
      • Force all pages

Find/replace dev>live domains

Purge cache

Review site / verify launch

  • Check for broken link, media, js errors

Add new site/checkpoint to internet archive