HTML Email & “Bulletproof Background Images”

I have a guilty pleasure. Writing HTML email. 😅

I know it’s something I’m supposed to hate as a “Modern Developer”, but there’s something about writing in <tables> and debugging obscure alignment issues that brings me back to the earliest days of my career.

Anyway, I have a client that sends me these projects every so often, and a I recently received a design that relied heavily on background images. I was going to snap back a reply and insist that “background images aren’t supported in email clients” (something I’d been told, and have repeated often over the years), but then I decided to take a look around.

Turns out, either the techniques or documentation has evolved, and you can get pretty good support for background images in email!

This article on Litmus’ blog lays out the solution(s) in detail:

And this tool from Campaign Monitor does a lot of the hard work for you: