Oh Shit, Git!?!

Lololol. https://ohshitgit.com/ This is a great / funny / useful / validating website for when you have those “Oh Shit” moments with Git. Found while listening to ep. 387 of the Shop Talk podcast w Katie Sylor-Miller.

Team work (and Git is less hard!)

I’ve worked on my own (and from my house) for the majority of my career now, and have found that I can generally be productive and successful doing so. But every so often (maybe after a couple months (years?), I get the itch to be on a team. Teams are great for a bunch of […]

Git is hard.

As a solo dev I use Git very narrowly. (So I can work on a local codebase and push up changes to a production site when ready/approved.) My understanding of the tool is pretty limited, but I don’t typically have any trouble in that most-basic workflow. But if/when something goes wrong in Git, I’m completely […]