Team work (and Git is less hard!)

I’ve worked on my own (and from my house) for the majority of my career now, and have found that I can generally be productive and successful doing so. But every so often (maybe after a couple months (years?), I get the itch to be on a team.

Teams are great for a bunch of reasons (sounding board, gut checks, accountability, load-balancing) but in particular I look forward to being on a team that pushes me professionally.

Git (and version control in general) has been something that I’ve worked with for a number of years on my own projects, but haven’t had to really dig into any of it’s many features & complexities being a solo developer. And I was happy and comfortable NOT to know what I didn’t know about the technology. 😃

Feature branches, pull requests, code reviews, oh my!

But recently, while working on a team of coders building a site together, I was forced into a deeper understanding of Git, and through daily usage, I came away feeling… competent? Or close to it. 😆

It was challenging and uncomfortable at times, but with the team there to answer my questions*, I came away with a new skillset. And I’ll be more ready to assist the next team I’m a part of.

Go team!

*Of course it helps to be on a GOOD team, where you feel that you can actually ask questions and not end up feeling even dumber.